Must Know Skin Care Tips

The skin is the largest organ in the body and often the most overlooked and neglected. With the constant barrage of health and medical advice blaring from nearly every major media outlet, it’s understandable the inclination to turn a deaf ear.  The key to avoiding major skin health problems is diligence in preventive car. There are multiple areas which truly warrant habit forming attention. Follow these recommendations from leading Dermatologists to ensure your skin remains healthy for decades to come.

The skin is composed of over 90% water. As such, it requires constant hydration. Drinking 4-6 glasses of water each day is necessary to replenish your skin’s needed fluid and retain elasticity. Alcoholic beverages and coffee actually dehydrate the skin. Avoid heavy consumption of alcohol and coffee. Sugary sodas don’t serve to hydrate the skin, but the copious amounts of added sugar can actually irritate the skin and cause problems. Add slices of lemons or limes to flavor water in lieu of sugar flavored packets.

The sun’s rays can be severely damaging to the skin. This is the case in both the winter and summer months. Develop a habit of using a high SFP protection each day. Many moisturizers have added SFP. The skin around the eyes requires special attention. Use an SFP lotion specifically designed for the eye area. Liberally apply a full body moisturizer after showering each day. Again, select moisturizers specially designed for the eye area. There are several body wash products on the market that include moisturizers.

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the caps with visors available at PacSun. Hats with visors and sunglasses should be worn when spending prolonged amounts of time outdoors. There are several manufacturers of clothing lines that have an SFP level of protection in the fabric. These are ideal for protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Finally, get plenty of sleep. The skin needs extended periods of time to generate and seven to eight hours of sleep nightly is ideal for this process. Make an appointment each year with your dermatologist for a full body skin check. They will be able to identify any skin issues that may be in the early stage of developing into serious health issues. Stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Follow these recommendations, enjoy your time outdoors and you can enjoy healthy skin for years to come.

Choosing the Right Flooring Material

Whether you plan to install new flooring in one room or all throughout your home, there are many floor materials out there to choose from, ranging from stone flooring all the way to linoleum flooring, and they can make an impact. No matter your budget, there are quite a few choices in flooring that will make a dramatic difference to any room.

Taste and Preference

When picking out a flooring material, the first thing you should put into consideration is that you had better really liked it. Flooring can last quite a long time (with some carpeting and cheaper vinyl products being exceptions), in the cases of other materials flooring like stone flooring, lasting up to between 50 to 100 years. If you pick out the latest trend or latest fashionable colour, it could become dated in a short period. Don’t always jump at the first colour or pattern. Think about it, ask friends and family for opinions and compare it to your existing colour palette in each room.

Wear and Tear

Among the things you should consider when choosing your flooring are wear and tear. When installing new flooring, think about what kind of a beating these floors will be taking. Is the flooring in a wet area, like a principal or side entrance, bathroom or kitchen where there is the potential for much moisture? Water can do much damage to wood. If you are putting new flooring in your living area, will it be comfortable?Natural stone flooring can handle much traffic in a kitchen, but it can be hard stand on for long periods.

Budget in choosing your Flooring

Always consider what your budget can stand and take into account the overall value of your house. You might want to install marble throughout your house, but if you cannot afford it, definitely you cannot go for it. Stay within your budget, and you will not need a second mortgage to replace or install an expensive flooring material. Also, if your home is in the low to medium vale range, it might not be a very good idea to install an expensive flooring material. When it comes to time to sell, It will be hard to recoup the investment if the floor is in perfect shape and the rest of the house is not up to the par.

Types of Flooring Materials

Currently, there are a host of flooring materials including;

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Tiles
  • Linoleum
  • Carpet

Carpet has fallen out of favour and a sheer number of flooring options has exploded over time, and so the decision can be mind boggling- the choices are ten times better. When you are ready to install a new floor, do plenty of research and visit many websites to find out whats out there.No matter your budget, there are quite a few choices in flooring that will make a dramatic difference to any room. Take your time and get opinions from others when choosing your flooring and ensure to get it correct.